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Jan 13, 2022

Compliance and Marketing Claims

Canna Advocate Podcast

A warning letter is a FTC notice to crack down on false claims. Why is this a problem? It can threaten your business! A warning letter requires legal resources to answer, which takes away your mental bandwidth. Warning letters are a public notice and can scare away investors. Also, warning letters are used for future class action lawsuits. Avoid the warning letter before it's an issue.

Influencer marketing is an enforcement trend to pay attention to. People can make reviews and say whatever they want. But the seller must be careful to use reviews in a marketing campaign. Other terms to take seriously include, THC free or pesticide free. They maybe troublesome terms unless it's 100% true.

Dietary supplement marketing examples that work include

Future of Cannabis Marketing

Future of the hemp and cannabis industry will be technologies that promote bio-availability products for efficiently absorbing cannabinoids and other nutraceuticals.

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