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Panel Discussion


Oct 7, 2021

Smither's Hemp & CBD Workshop

Online Event

Moderator: Asa Waldstein

Expert panelists:

Vanessa Snyder from Eurofins

David Dawson, Ph.D. from Via Innovations

Alex Capano, from Ecofibre Limited

Dr Parveen Bhatarah from Association for the Cannabinoid Industry


What textile and food innovations that you are excited about?

Please talk about what market segments you are interested in (Scientific & Category Perspective) (Alex feel free to reframe this question)

Please share some of the eco-benefits of the wonderful hemp plant.


What do you look for in a cannabis or hemp testing lab?

What cannabis and nutraceutical delivery forms are you excited about and what are some of the hindrances in bringing them to commercialization?


With so many labs in the space, how do you explain to customers what to look for in a reputable lab?

Are there certain form factors that are difficult to test (gummies or liposomes) and how do Eurofins handle this?

How do you see the future of hemp looking as an ingredient in animal feed?


What considerations should US supplement companies that are looking to expand into the UK be aware of?

What are some of the key drivers for the hemp sector investment, and what can companies be working on to attract funding?

Watch the panel recording
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