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Twitter Claims Enforcement Increasing

Claims made on social are top of FDA’s mind

Twitter Claims Enforcement Increasing

Claims cited on Twitter are increasingly appearing in warning letters. #WarningLetterWednesday

This year there have been eight letters mentioning disease claims made on Twitter, up from just 12 Twitter-related letters in all of 2021. This is a strong enforcement trend to watch.

Several recent warning letters mentioned tweets over 3+ years old, including this one that mentions a retweet from 2014! Wow, this is old!
From the warning letter: You retweeted another user’s September 26, 2014 tweet, which said, “#lipoicacid [an ingredient in your R-Lipoic Acid Vegcaps 300 mg and R-Lipoic Acid Vegcaps 100 mg] model treats autonomic neuropathy… the best! I’ve tried it.”

This is an important reminder to remove old social media posts that may contain disease claims. Here is a video about this.

Many of these letters also include claims made in hashtags, which is a great way to attract FDA scrutiny. View my hashtags are claims video here.

Disclaimer: The educational information provided here is for informational purposes only. Contact an attorney for specific legal advice. Rule #1 in compliance is to ensure marketing is truthful and not misleading.

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