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Panel Discussion


Sep 21, 2022

Building Brands in Cannabis

Naturally Boulder
Boulder, CO

CBD, THC, and Cannabis are all over the news. Consumers see the products in stores, are starting to see limited advertising, and are hearing anecdotes from their friends. Everyone is talking about it, but people have very little information about it. And, the information they do have varies by the state or community they live in.

This creates an interesting business opportunity for entrepreneurs! For current brands looking to incorporate cannabinoid-based benefits of sleep, pain relief or calm there is obvious opportunity, but also, complexity and risk. For new brands launching into the space, there is a steep and unique learning curve in navigating formulation, branding, and distribution that is like no other industry.

If you’ve wanted to learn more about this continually emerging, high-growth industry, Naturally Boulder has assembled a panel of experts to discuss the state of the industry, what’s hot and new, and how you can develop and build a powerhouse brand in the space.

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