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In-Person, Panel Discussion


May 11, 2023

Considerations in entering the US market: Pitfalls, best practices, regulatory and innovation needs

Vitafoods Insights Theatre
Geneva, Switzerland

The US remains one of the largest and most important markets for food and dietary supplements. Although it is also one of the most competitive and innovation-friendly markets globally, it is not unregulated despite its very open appearance. In this panel discussion, attendees will gain invaluable information to better understand the US market - its consumers, innovations, and regulatory requirements to succeed. The panel will also review the legal framework and how it is regulated; what are the major distribution channels, how to engage them, and how they have recently changed; and what are some important trends across global brands.

Panelists include:

Asa Waldstein, Principal

Supplement Advisory Group

Kenn Israel, Co-Founding Partner


Dr. David Foreman, President

The Herbal Pharmacist

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