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Nov 23, 2023

Managing Dietary Supplement Marketing Risks, with Asa Waldstein of the Supplement Advisory Group


Episode Overview

Episode Topic:

Join us in this episode of NutraPreneur as we delve into the intricate world of compliance and best practices in the dietary supplement industry with Asa Waldstein, principal of the Supplement Advisory Group and founder of Apex Compliance. Discover the strategies and insights that have shaped Asa’s approach to regulatory adherence and how the Supplement Advisory Group navigates the dynamic landscape of dietary supplement regulations.

Lessons You’ll Learn:

In this episode, you’ll gain insights into key strategies for mitigating marketing risks, ensuring compliance, and fostering a community approach within the industry. Learn about practical lower-risk solutions and essential elements in marketing and product labeling that not only meet regulatory standards but also enhance consumer trust. Understand the challenges and success stories encountered in implementing compliance best practices and discover the critical regulatory challenges on the horizon.

About Our Guest:

Our esteemed guest, Asa Waldstein, is the principal of the Supplement Advisory Group and the founder of Apex Compliance. With a wealth of experience in the dietary supplement industry, Asa has been instrumental in guiding marketers toward lower-risk strategies, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and fostering a culture of regulatory adherence within the industry. Take a firsthand look at Warning Letter Wednesday and unlock the secrets of FDA scrutiny and industry pitfalls.

Topics Covered:

In this episode, Asa shares key strategies for crafting foolproof compliance in marketing and product labelling. Beyond the challenges, he champions a community-driven approach and spills industry collaboration secrets. A sneak peek into the Supplement Advisory Group’s regulatory game plan adds a practical touch, making compliance not just informative but an enjoyable ride for marketers.

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