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Presentation, In-Person


Oct 26, 2023

Microbiome Products: Enforcement & Marketing Compliance

Supplyside West
Las Vegas

A universe unfolding: Uncovering the mysteries of the microbiome and its connection to health

Despite a deluge of new information—and a steady stream of microbiome-related studies expanding the available data on human microbiome composition and function—ingredient researchers are only beginning to understand the individual microbial species and their biological roles. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are proving to be game changers in our understanding of these expanding datasets.

Technology could bring transformational change through the development of predictive models for personalized therapeutic interventions or disease interception. But before that lofty goal is reached, biotics providers are discovering the impact that bacteria-based ingredients can have on a wide range of health systems beyond gut health, including the gut-brain axis, a connection to healthy skin, and the influence of dysbiosis on host immunity and disease.

The session covered:

  • Innovation in product development across a range of consumer-facing solutions that include prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics.

  • The segment expansion of probiotics into sports nutrition, weight management, inflammation targeting and cosmetics, as well as bone health, women’s health, kidney and respiratory function, cognitive performance, and stress and sleep.

  • The accumulation of in vivo and clinical data indicating that probiotics could represent important allies in the fight against obesity and associated metabolic health concerns.

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