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May 4, 2021

Preparing for Cannabinoid Regulations

Asa's Regulatory Education Series

Michael McGuffin and Johnel Lagabon join me for our next Regulatory Education Series event which will be primarily NDI focused. We discuss what hemp cannabinoid companies should be doing to prepare for FDA regulations. This will be reviewed from a legislative, scientific, and practical point of view.

  • What if H.R. 841 passes? What would this require? What can companies do now to prepare?

  • Overview of NDI regulations.

  • Difference between NDI and GRAS?

  • If a company starts with self GRAS, how close to NDI requirements does this get them?

  • Specifics of NDI for raw material suppliers or finished products? 

  • Discuss strategy.

  • Other thoughts on what companies can be doing to prepare?

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