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Feb 12, 2021

Preparing For FDA Inspections: Fireside Chat

Asa's Regulatory Education Series

Asa and Steven Yeager discuss tools on how to prepare for and execute a successful FDA inspection. This includes an "Ask Me Anything" session where you can ask anything from us.

How To Prepare: (Examples include):

  • No Claims on Web & Social Media

  • Outside of Building Clean

  • Back Doors locked (GMP prerequisite)

  • SOP Ready: What to do during an FDA inspection

  • And more!

Company Conduct:

  • Quickly Turn Around Requests

  • Make Copies of Everything

  • Correct Observations Immediately

  • Work with the investigator

  • And more!

Steven Yeager is Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for Mountain Rose Herbs and has overseen several FDA GMP inspections. Learn more here.

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