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Virtual Fireside Chat


Jan 19, 2024

Radicle Perspectives: Elevating the supplement industry

Radicle Science

There was no shortage of dietary supplement regulation and compliance talk in 2023. From FTC guidance and FDA’s response to NAC and NMN, to the Dietary Supplements Access Act, continued market disruption due to supply chains and inflation, not to mention authenticity issues continuing to plague major online retailers, what can we anticipate in 2024?

Tune in to another insightful episode of Radicle Perspectives as we welcome our esteemed guest, Asa Waldstein, as we prognosticate about what 2024 has in store for dietary supplement regulations and compliance. 

Key Topics:

  • Recap major industry news from 2023.

  • Anticipate how these headlines from 2023 will impact regulations and compliance in 2024.

  • Learn about other dietary supplement regulations and compliance issues beginning to percolate already.

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