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Aug 12, 2023

Regulatory Expert Asa Waldstein
The Herbalist Hour Ep. 55


The topic of regulatory compliance in the herbal industry is an incredibly important one, so it was an honor to have on Asa Waldstein, one of the leading experts in the field on the show.

We delve into all sorts of topics in this interview:

At what point should a smaller herbal company start being serious about making claims on their marketing efforts?

Stories of smaller herbal companies who get warning letters from the FDA.

Advice on getting started when it comes to marketing claims.

We also chat about substantiation dossiers, using puns as claims in marketing your products, general business advice, his new software Apex Compliance, the time he spent with @MichaelFranti and a whole lot more!

A huge THANK YOU to Asa for taking the time to share his expertise with all of us, and thanks to YOU for listening.

I highly encourage you to sign up for Asa's "Warning Letter Wednesday" newsletter.

Until the next episode,


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