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30 supplement industry voices suggest changes to DSHEA


30 supplement industry voices suggest changes to DSHEA


Asa and other industry leaders weigh in.

Asa Waldstein, Supplement Advisory Group:

"Since DSHEA was enacted before the internet boom, I would like to see some clarification on what constitutes allowable marketing in the digital sphere. For instance, if the FDA would define the marketing compliance boundaries of reposting and social engagement and help explain why they consider a social media post from years past as active marketing, it could help companies better navigate compliance. There are also antiquated regulations that should be updated, such as 21 CFR 101.93(d), which states that the DSHEA disclaimer should be “on the same panel or page that bears the (structure/function) statement” on labels. This means that if there’s a structure/function claim on the principal display panel, then the DSHEA disclaimer should also be on the same panel. While the FDA does not seem to enforce this, plaintiff attorneys continue to cite this regulation in lawsuits, which creates unnecessary expense (and ugly labels) for supplement companies."

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