About Asa Waldstein

Community, Compliance, Natural Health

Founder & Principal of Supplement Advisory Group, specializing in practical regulatory support for dietary supplement and hemp product manufacturers and marketers. We focus on finding marketing risk analysis and providing practical marketing solutions on the web, social media, and product labels.


I love educating about compliance best practices and lower risk marketing strategies, which often change based on FDA/FTC enforcement trends. Building in-house expertise through education is part of my unique approach to regulatory consulting. I routinely speak at conferences on enforcement trends, industry compliance, and the nuances of marketing products effectively in the digital era. 



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Lynn Wells
University of Denver, Enrichment Program Director

Asa came well-prepared to speak to students at the University of Denver’s Enrichment Program and is a true professional. He is adept at staying focused on the audience while juggling the technical aspects of delivering an online lecture, and he brought his enthusiasm and “A” game to the two-hour presentation. Asa delivered an informative lecture to our older students and dispelled the mysteries and myths around hemp. Even typically shy students felt comfortable, and actively engaged in discussion.