Compliance Lessons: In-Depth Warning Letter Discussion

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Everyone who knows me is aware of my love of reading warning letters. Gaining insight into enforcement trends can help protect companies from costly regulatory mistakes such as warning letters, administrative action, or even class-action lawsuits (Made in the USA, Natural, THC-Free, Prop 65).

Many warning letter recipients are not bad folks but perhaps just do not know any better. One of the purposes of my free Regulatory Education Series is to educate those looking to raise the bar of ethics and compliance in the industry. Please share this blog or any of my content (with attribution) if it may be of value to your network. We are stronger together!

We are going to have fun reviewing this Cannafyl warning letter which can work as a teaching case to help you understand what the FDA is enforcing. Here are a few learning topics:

  • Social media is advertising

  • COVID-19 implied claims

  • Hashtags are claims such as #cbdforhypertension

  • Reasons to clean up old social media posts

  • Blog are claims

  • Sublingual claims = drug delivery

Quotes from the FDA warning letter are in grey.

We have also reviewed your social media websites

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