Hiring Dietary Supplement Experts For Rapid Company Growth

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When starting and growing a hemp or supplement company, I always suggest hiring a dietary supplement veteran to have an active management role in the company. They will help you set up systems in operations, quality and compliance.

There are many important factors in hemp and supplement manufacturing and having to learn them on your own can hinder your growth in this fast-moving world. cGMPs can seem daunting but supplement experts are familiar with the basics such as:

  • FDA Inspection Readiness, watch my webinar here

  • Controlled entry

  • Label control

  • Component specifications/release

  • Finished product specifications/release

  • Checked and Verified By System

What Regulations for CBD?

As we know the FDA’s position on hemp-CBD is unclear, this doesn’t mean that no compliance is needed. In lieu of clear FDA guidance, cGMPs for dietary supplements provide a good guideline to address truthful labeling, and quality, there is no reason for the hemp industry to reinvent itself. View this free cGMP Basics for Hemp-CBD Companies webinar here.

There are many important regulatory factors in manufacturing and marketing, cGMPs can seem daunting. The supplement and hemp world is moving quickly and having to learn GMP’s on your own can hinder your growth.

Dietary supplement veterans have done this before and can give manufacturing or marketing companies a strategic advantage. An ounce of prevention is worth avoiding trouble, Here are reasons to avoid a warning letter or even worse, an FTC administrative action.