How To Advertise Without Making Claims

Making Disease Claims is "So 2020"

Let's all agree that making risky claims should be a thing of the past. The first step is breaking the mindset that in order to sell products risky or spurious claims must be made.

Here are some helpful hints on how to advertise in a compliant and effective manner.

Tell your company story

Sharing your company origin story without making claims is a great way to connect with customers. I prefer video as it deepens the connection. High-quality videos are good but an authentic video shot on a phone is fine too. I do however always suggest captioning videos as most videos watched online are viewed without sound. I use Rev for captioning which costs $1.25 a minute. I recently saw a video founder story where the owner was flyfishing while talking about why he started the company. This creates an authentic human connection and I instantly was interested in their products.

Cultivate Authentic Excitement

Do your customers and staff love your products? If so, sharing their authentic excitement with pictures is a great way to humanize your brand. Here in Colorado, we have four seasons of outdoor hiking, snowboarding, and camping photo opportunities. This is an example of a made-up compliant and authentic way to state CBD product is great for recovery.