Hangover Claims Continue to Attract FDA Attention

Updated: Jan 1

Dietary supplements are great for hydration and liver support, but they cross the compliance line when marketed for hangovers. There have been 14 hangover-related FDA warning letters since the beginning of the pandemic including two this month. This is an enforcement trend that is top of mind for the FDA.

Here Are The Learning Targets:

In the past making a hangover support statement would have been a relatively low risk, but in July 2020 the FDA issued seven warning letters to companies making hangover claims. In the accompanying policy statement press release Steven Tave, former director of FDA’s Office of Dietary Supplement Programs, stated

Consumers may get the false impression that using these products can prevent or mitigate health problems caused by excessive drinking. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for responsibly limiting one’s alcohol consumption.

Here is my guess as to why the FDA considers the word hangover a claim.

Anything that prevents, treats, or cures symptoms of a disease is a medical claim.