Lessons From The Front Line: Warning Letter Review

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

The popularity of medicinal mushrooms shows me the world is finally ready to embrace natural medicine. It is no surprise however to see mushroom product marketers being called out in warning letters for making high-risk claims. Here's a recent warning letter that covers many of the common mistakes to avoid. Most of this I've talked about here in my blog or my #WarningLetterWednesday LinkedIn post.

Here Are The Learning Targets:

* Follow Enforcement Trends: Depression & Anxiety Claims Are Super High-Risk

*Hashtags Are Claims

*High-Risk Words Should Be Avoided

*Implying "Clinically Studied" Is High-Risk

* Clean Up Claims On Old Social Media Posts

* Social Media is Marketing

Many warning letter recipients are not bad folks but perhaps just do not know any better. A purpose of my free Regulatory Education Series platform, my public speaking tour, and my free video channel is to educate those looking to raise the bar of ethics and compliance in the industry. Please share this blog or any of my content (with attribution) if it may be of value to your network. We are stronger together!

Follow Enforcement Trends: Depression & Anxiety Claims Are Super High-Risk

Earlier this year the FDA cracked down on companies making depression and anxiety claims which I write about here. Anyone who was paying attention to enforcement trends would have removed these words from their marketing. I love enforcement trends, they give us an opportunity to learn from other's mistakes and course correct. Read my Reasons To Follow Enforcement Trends post for a detailed discussion.