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Interesting Warning Letters: Search terms, product tags, Amazon, and more

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Warning letter references product tags and website search terms.

Griffo Botanicals FDA/FTC warning letter references COVID related product tags and website search terms. This directs consumers to purchase products (material connection). Also noted is social media posts touting the products for COVID symptoms.

This company shook a stick at the FDA with their numerous claims on Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, citing studies and so much more. The FDA then tested their red yeast rice product for lovastatin and found levels "if taken at the maximum dose recommended on the label, your product would provide 85.8 mg lovastatin per day, which is above the maximum recommended daily dose of lovastatin in Mevacor and its generic counterparts." This dovetails into a broader discussion about naturally occurring CBD in hemp. Warning letter KetoKerri receives second warning letter which elevates risk of injunction. I expect stricter FTC action soon. This recent warning letter mentions claims made on Amazon, on social media, in Spanish, about children, and in videos.

Our recent fireside chat was excellent. Listen to the full webinar here. This was an detailed discussion about the intersection of dietary supplements and hemp-CBD.


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